Of Business Boys and Visiting Cards

An injustice has come to our notice. Business Bureau boys – Debjit, Salu, Prashant and Sumit were rewarded with individual visiting cards, which they will flash at five-star buffet lunches.

And at their sources too. Is this discrimination or what? Are we not humans too? Are our dietary requirements any different from what Business Beat Beasts need to sustain their work?

Are our digestive systems not the same? So, how come they are getting this additional incentive to stuff their guts with blackberry icecream.

Haven’t we too dreamt of flashing our ‘Bond. James Bond’ cards all over that ruthless over-inquisitive PR guy.

A complaint has already been launched with the National Human Rights Commission and they have promised to put an end to such unjust practices as soon as their members get their visiting cards printed.

Boo-hoo! Life sure is miserable.

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