Of Tapped Telephones and Latin Codes

Beware of the office telephones for they might be tapped. Yours truly had one horrifying experience while yapping away to glory with one of his friends.

The conversation had just reached its zenith when the operator suddenly screams into our respective auditory canals. And this is what he said – “Arre, Bus kar! Bahut ho gaya! Phone aa raha hai (Hey You! Stop it! It’s enough now. There’s a call coming).”

Squirming with embarrassment, I bid a hasty good-bye to my friend, who by the way, refuses to talk to me since that fateful day and continues to believe that I work in a weird and sordid organisation where employers listen in on calls.

Which means that you must no longer use office phones to bitch about the organisation or snigger at the unruly locks of a senior. Coz, as this numbing experience proves, Dear Mr EPABX Operator can and does eavesdrop on conversations.

So, unless you wanna make a hasty exit from the esteemed organisation, do stay away from the killer phones.

Solution 2: Learn Latin and conduct all telephonic conversations in this difficult tongue. I am sure Mr Operator won’t understand phrases like Et tu Brute and summum bonum and will soon give up listening in.

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