22-kg baby actually an alien, say doctors

Kolkata (T2N2) Doctors have confirmed that an over-sized infant living in a nondescript village in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district is actually an alien.

Lokman Hakim, the eleven-month-old who weighed in at an astonishing 22 kilos, has a penchant for gobbling down a kilo of rice and seven litres of milk at a single sitting.

Media reports had earlier cited doctors as saying that the abnormality had arisen from a hormonal imbalance but they have been unable to find any scientific explanation for the phenomenon.

Some of them now feel that the infant’s voracious appetite cannot be ascribed to something on terra firma.

“It’s sure to be an alien, Whether a good one like in ‘Men in Black’ or an evil
one like in ‘Omen,’ it’s too early to say,”

says Dr Bulls Banerjee.

According to Dr Chills Chatterjee, India should start building a special ricket to zoom up the infant to wherever he belongs.

Meanwhile, villagers from miles away have started pouring into Lokman’s village to catch a glimpse of the visitor from outer space.

Unscrupulous pundits have already set up a makeshift darshan tent wherein for a small fee, people can actually hold (if they can) the infant, which is an onerous task considering the kid starts emitting high-decibel screams if kept away from food for too long. (T2N2)

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  1. Shumit says:

    Tony,I really enjoyed and cracked up on this one. You are really funny.regards,Shumit

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