Indian techies rush to Laden’s help

Islamabad (T2N2) Move over Pakistan. Terror mastermind Osama bin Laden has found a new ally in the Indian BPO industry.

Speaking to this correspondent from his secret hideout near the Pak-Afghan border, Laden today outlined his plans of hiring al-Qaeda liaison officers from India’s leading call centres.

“The problem is that Pakistani recruits here are absolutely ignorant about everything. They don’t even know the capital of the United States. What if I tell them to bomb Paris and they end up attacking Tokyo instead?”

Like many Western countries, Laden found a solution in India’s low paid yet highly educated urban youth, especially those based in the desi version of Silicon Valley.

“These Bangalore-based guys are just great. The moment any of my Qaedis face any problem, they just call up the call-centre and are given specific instructions on what to bomb, where to bomb and how to bomb. Things are now running with clockwork precision and the next few weeks will see a new reign of terror.”

With more and more high-profile customers waxing eloquent about the quality of their employees, Indian call-centres look set to dominate the BPO beat in the coming years.(T2N2)

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2 Responses to Indian techies rush to Laden’s help

  1. Ph says:

    Good to see you back

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