Super Sania goes down to Mighty Maria

Well, it was to be expected. There was no point getting our hopes too high. It’s the scoreline I have a problem with – especially the 6-2 score in the first set. Sania actually played better than Sharapova in the first set; she had more winners too (8 compared to 7) but doublefaults and unforced errors let her down at crucial stages. The score in that set should have been something like 6-4 given that the two players seemed evenly matched.

The second set was a different ballgame altogether. The 6-1 scoreline was accurate. The now vulnerable Sania was almost whitewashed by the superior Russian and the end result was never in doubt.

Years ago one guy, commenting on Ramesh Krishnan’s performance on the “big stage” lamented the lack of “killer instinct” in Indians. Sania’s case might be something of the sort too. In her post-match interview, Sania says she was not a tad bit nervous but I can understand the pressures of playing the top seed on the Centre Court.

There’s still time though. She’s only 18. It’s been a good Grand Slam circuit for Sania this year and hopefully next year will turn out better.

The good thing about the match being scheduled in the wee hours Indian Time was again – my Graveyard Shift – I could be in office and yet relax and watch the match. Had the result been different, I would have been in seventh heaven right now.

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