Of TV Anchors and White Teeth

Television anchor Mriganka Dadwal is going great guns, hobnobbing with the likes of Diya Mirza, Riya Sen and Shilpa Shetty over the past week for her show Ab Aayega Mazaa which airs weekdays at 5.30 pm on Zee Business.

“Of the three, Diya was really sweet,” says Dadwal, hinting the other two were not. Weren’t they?

And for those under the impression the IIT damsel pigs out at each restaurant she reviews, think again.

“Arre bhai, I hardly get the time to eat,” says Dadwal. She recently did a feature on a newly-opened Chinese deli in the capital. “I had an assignment right after that,” she explains.

Dadwal now sports a dazzling array of sparkling white teeth and like other media celebrities denies having got them whitened professionally. We find that hard to believe but the Zee Biz Miss is sticking to her stand.

Despite her busy schedule, Dadwal said she would like to meet her friends for lunch at CP this Sunday. Those interested please call her up and let her know right away.

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