Librarian Liberated

Am currently reading The Giant’s House by Elizabeth McCracken – the story of a spinster librarian falling in love with an eight-foot tall teenager suffering from congenital gigantism. The novel is a scintillating read on this unusual romance, as seen from the perspective of protagonist Peggy Cort.

But for some reason, it set me thinking about my visits to the library. I wonder if I have ever spoken to the person at the desk other than for paying late fines (inevitably!) or asking permission to cut out articles from the newspaper.

I am sure librarians are ‘normal’ people too – with similar thoughts, wishes, desires. What goes on in their minds as they go about their daily tasks – almost always with a stack of books in hand. When patrons check out with books, does the librarian form a mental picture of him depending on the kind of novels he reads. Hmmm. Interesting…

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3 Responses to Librarian Liberated

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tony!
    just read ur blog. N 4 the first time got to know that u r a senti person although u seem to be just like a happy go lucky type of person with no serious views about anything. Liked it very much. Keep it up buddy

  2. The Friendly Ghost says:

    I too think about librarians. And guess what? have befriended the two people manning the library i frequent. Pst: It helps to have friends at the rigt places to waive off you fine or just save for you the book that everybody is dying to get their hands on.
    But, there can be the really annoying and irritating types too.

  3. Toe Knee says:

    Hanit: Thanks

    Friendly Ghost: Ya, I know. But it never works for me. Somehow, even the friendly librarians MAKE me pay the fine. Sigh!

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