Of Film Freaks and Suspicious Knives

Talk about being a film freak. Sunandita holds the unenviable distinction of having watched at least 30 movies in one week – during the Kolkata Film festival.

The Bong lass, who also holds a certificate in film appreciation, was recently “apprehended” with a pen-knife at PVR Plaza.

Despite her plea that “it was all a mistake” and she “was certainly not a terrorist,” the manager was not convinced and Sunandita had to deposit her beloved pen-knife with authorities. What’s more, she even had to go through the rigmarole of signing an undertaking just to get it back.

And what has Sunandita learned from the incident? She now meticulously checks her handbag for any weapons of mass destruction before venturing out on a film-watching spree.

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One Response to Of Film Freaks and Suspicious Knives

  1. I had my finger nail clippers confiscated…. what a world we live in.

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