My Driver’s Driving Me Nuts

(translated from the original Hindi+Punjabi)
…inder: Saab ji, this Indian cricket team is no good. Losing to Sri Lanka is ok but losing to Bangladesh – Chee! Chee! Chee!
Me: Hmmmmm (This is going to be a long night)
…inder: All the oldies should be kicked out. They have fallen in love with AC life, tandoori chicken and starring in cola ads
Me: Ya, right
…inder: The minimum cutoff age should be 23
Me: Why?
…inder: At that age you still have some josh. After that you are useless
Me: Really? (Have I lost my josh already?)
…inder: Saab ji, I bet if you ask Ganguly to run to that traffic signal over there, he won’t even reach halfway
Me: Hmmmmm (neither will I)
…inder: Same with me – I drive around all day so I am not fit. Players should be recruited from among youngsters who are healthy and those who don’t laze around in sofas and chairs
Me: Hmmmmm (is he referring to me?)
…inder: I have thought a lot about what could be done to save Indian cricket and I’ll tell you all
Me: @$#*%!

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