Notes from the India Fashion Week

Yes, I did promise you guys I’ll be blogging live from the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. But I couldn’t. Was just too tired.

Since it was my first Fashion Week, the winged chariot of Time passed swiftly by as I struggled with terms like A-line dresses, blouson and leg-of-mutton. And fabrics like soyabean lycra.

Why, why, why can’t press releases for fashion events be written from the common man’s perspective?

Five days later, despite hours spent Googling and rereading collection write-ups, I am not much better off.

I guess covering fashion events is a skill directly proportional to the number of fashion events one attends. Some reporters, having covered this sort of thing for eons, were already on “embracing” terms (no pun intended) with designers while I was the notebook-in-hand “Excuse me, Mr Rathore/Bal/Tahiliani” type.

By the end, I was so sick of the Fashion Week I could have easily blown up Hall no. 7 of Pragati Maidan, had a stick of dynamite been within my grasp.

Then the grand finale happened. And after an agonising wait of an-hour-and-a-half, I caught my first glimpse of ‘Siyaahi’. Rohit Bal’s phenomenal new “ink-stained” range was undeniably the best collection of the five-day extravaganza.

Add his little jig after the show, the touching gesture of inviting the late Rohit Khosla’s mom and dad to grace the stage, the tough act of convincing fellow designers to walk on the ramp – and you know why Bal is the ultimate showman of fashion.

It also explains why his was the only show, apart from Tarun Tahiliani’s “Shilpa Shetty studded” event, to get a standing ovation.

All I can say now is – Mr Bal, I’ll be back next year.

Here’s my official coverage of the Fashion Week –
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Day 5: Ink-stained gowns
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[Photo: From a preview of one of Rohit Bal’s dresses]

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  1. Ashish says:

    it is a nice topic you start.keep it up

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