Is Shilpa Shetty’s UK honeymoon over?

She has a musical in hand, a perfume to her name and fashion shows to grace – but at 32, is that all Shilpa Shetty can achieve?

When Shilpa won Celebrity Big Brother, she was perhaps the only Indian any Briton recognised – except maybe Mahatma Gandhi. And the buzz was she was headed for superstardom and a film with Hugh Grant. She even met the Queen.

What now?

Well, she did make the headlines once again but only for the infamous Richard Gere kiss. Won India’s Rajiv Gandhi National Quality award (for what I wonder). Her S square perfume is doing well. And this month, Shilpa was the most famous Bollywood celebrity to walk the ramp at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.

And what of her projects?

– Her musical Miss Bollywood opens in Berlin at the end of this month. Why not in Britain, I wonder?

– She’s apparently producing a DVD on yoga. Aimed at plump British ladies, I guess.

– Is she really being considered for the next Bond film? Did she actually refuse The Pink Panther? Or is all this just a publicity gimmick.

– No news of her turn as Sita in the international version of Hanuman nor the much-delayed Quick Slip Me A Bride

– The producers of a Kannada film starring Shilpa in her pre-Big Brother days are releasing a dubbed version of it, hoping to cash in on her new-found fame. It’s apparently called Shilpa: The Big Don. But Shilpa’s not amused.

– She’s busy denying an affair with a married man (a UK-based businessman) and fighting several legal battles.

And this is what the UK media has to say –

The Telegraph: After a Celebrity Big Brother debacle that saw Jade Goody and her henchwomen reviled as racists, she achieved saint status on an unprecedented scale. Next to Shetty, Mother Teresa looked like a kitten-drowning deviant…There is a palpable chilliness about her. While the hotel room we’re in is as baking as a Kew hothouse, from Shetty herself there emanates little genuine warmth…In the absence of any tangible talent other than dancing skills and a forgiving way with racist oiks, the brutally short attention span of the Heat-reading masses will see to it that she is over before she ever really got going.

Daily Mail: If Shilpa’s popularity is indeed beginning to wane, many blame her domineering mother and her agent.

Me thinks

Shilpa should come back to earth and forget about the UK for a while. Life in a Metro wasn’t so bad. Shilpa acts well enough and she won’t have much trouble finding roles back home in India.

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