Hello Delhi – Am back from Goa

Back from a hectic fortnight in Goa. No, I didn’t spend time on the beach. Was cooped up watching flicks at Panaji’s INOX multiplex. And with good reason.

The 38th International Film Festival of India was on – with 176 films from 46 countries screened by the time the 11-day event wrapped up.

And with most of Bollywood giving it a miss, watching films was a pleasant affair. Why? Well, the absence of tinseltown celebrities meant I could focus my attention on watching films. See official blog.

And here’s some of the stuff I wrote –

“Elizabeth” director inspired by cockroaches tale

Jesus Christ gets an evil twin in fantasy film

Goa’s bell boys inspire U.S. director’s Hindi film

Bollywood shorts on AIDS to get YouTube release

Goa stirs colonial memories in Portuguese filmmaker

Taiwan film triumphs at global Indian film festival

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