Focus on India at Annecy animated film fest

India is the country in focus at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France (9 – 14 June 2008) and Market (11 – 13 June 2008).

Indian animation will be showcased through special programmes, premieres and numerous events.

Interested? Film studios, production companies and creatives can submit films (features, short films, TV series, graduation films) for selection at Annecy 2008 by contacting: Laurent Million at

But do remember these deadlines
15 January 2008
Film submission (shorts films, features, TV and commissioned films, graduation films)
15 March 2008
Submission and reception of feature films

“The Annecy festival will be a huge platform for the Indian animation industry to showcase its talent, technology, services and post-production facilities,” Mohamed Bendjebbour, head of French film and TV office in India told The Times of India.

An Indian pavilion will be set up at the Market giving industry visitors the opportunity to find out about artistic techniques and production from India.

Wanna join the Indian delegation – contact:
Mickael Marin at
Stéphane Loison at

Official website

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