Death of a Poet – Palash Kumar

Palash died in a car accident this weekend.

Were the following lines, penned by this poet, to prove prophetic?

And thus ended the cycle of pain and love,
He walked away with a baggage of longings —
— which refuse to fade
She walked away with a look in her eyes,
And a prayer on her face

Listen to his story, his Guftagu, in a silent place – his world, his blog, a place where Palash lives on, in words etched for eternity. Read on

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3 Responses to Death of a Poet – Palash Kumar

  1. Dolphin says:

    Good Morning !Really very sad to know abt the tragic death of A poet . n the lines tht hv been penned down make me keep thinking more n more abt ….. Wat Life Is !!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Palash is sad. But how the bosses behaved is even worse. It took courage and camaraderie from fellow journalists to help pay the hospital bill where Palash, his wife and daughter were treated.On the other hand, great to know that the someone has remembered the man…May he R.I.P

  3. aisha says:

    He was so talented. I hope his family can heal somehow.AA bosses have never had any shame.

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