India Blog Mela – March 2009

Ramesh Srivats is giving out the Bhaskars.

Mudra Mehta writes something for Gujjus.

Twisted DNA is having some sick fun.

eM has a quick guide to being fabulous even with a recession on.

Anjali is suffering from …modesty.

Abodh remembers the strays he knew that passed away.

Neelakantan writes an open letter to Indian IT companies.

Great Bong reveals the new London of 2013 under Boro Didi.

Rituparna Bhowmik finds it hard being fat in an anorexic city.

Krish Ashok is explaining song lyrics with graphs.

That’s all for now. The April 2009 Blog Mela returns early next month. But before leaving, do please vote for the best post in the March 2009 Blog Mela.

The best of March 2009 blog mela
( online polls)

Did you just come across a quirky, interesting or something-that-tugs-at-your-heartstrings blog? If yes, feel free to nominate it for the April 2009 Blog Mela being hosted here on May 2.

How to Nominate
– Leave a comment on this post OR better still – Mail me at toeknee (at) gmail (dot) com

– Posts must have been written by Indians or have an Indian angle
Only posts published between 1-30 April 2009 would be accepted
– If possible, please nominate individual posts, not the whole blog
Feel free to nominate something you have written. Immodesty appreciated
– You can nominate as many blog posts as you like – provided you really like them
Only nominations received before midnight on May 2 stand a chance to be featured in the Top 10 list
– No, you don’t get any moolah for nominating or getting featured in the Blog Mela. That could change once I am a millionaire but for now you’ll just have to bear with me
Yours truly reserves the right to nominate good posts which you ignore

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One Response to India Blog Mela – March 2009

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