Snapshots from Ahmedabad

Here are photos from my trip to Ahmedabad last week. I keep going to the “city of my birth” every year to drop in on my cousins still living there — and somehow the place seems hotter each time.

I am used to the summer in New Delhi but the Ahmedabad sun drains you of all energy and all I ever want to do there is lie down and sleep. There’s nothing much to do any way — for all of Modi’s achievements being trumpeted, it’s still a drab little place where memories of communal tensions abound.

There was little election fever actually — except posters and Gujarati jingles on the radio. The most striking polling day image was a group of women dancing on the road apparently celebrating ‘Akkha Teej’.

And the sweetest memory? A malnourished cat and her newborn kitten sought refuge in our garden. I spent most of my time feeding them milk and curd.

For the record, New Delhi does have its flaws but I wouldn’t want to shift anywhere else.

The 2008 trip: A trip to Modi-land

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3 Responses to Snapshots from Ahmedabad

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Nice pixs. would have loved captions too.

  2. EYE says:

    Yes, Ahmedabad is hot and drains you of all your energy. But the cool breeze in the nights is a relief. You should try the chuskis, iceballs dipped in flavoured syrups. they are really yum.

  3. Toe Knee says:

    Annie: The pics are mostly self-explanatory and I did give a sort of intro to the snapshots

    EYE: I did try the chuskis last time I went, but they were too sweet — my cousin had to finish off mine. And yes, we did sleep on the terrace.

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