Rushdie, Shadipur and the Delhi Metro

Finally finished re-reading “Midnight’s Children“. I find Salman Rushdie a better read now than in college but still feel he’s over-rated. Magic realism is all very well but I found myself distracted and rooted in reality at various points. Like how Saleem (the protagonist) goes to Shadipur in “the outskirts of Delhi”, and I kept thinking Shadipur is the sixth metro station from Rajiv Chowk, while my Dwarka Sector-21 stop is 30 stations from office. “Outskirts?” … You get my point. Anyway, my rage is misdirected. Shadipur was probably considered really far in 1977 and what is now Dwarka was then a collection of nondescript villages and barren land. Still, tough to envisage knobbly knees and silver spittoons and dung-lotuses and snot-noses. I should really watch the movie now.

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